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Grand Bavarchi

Best Indian Restaurant Parramatta

Welcome to Grand Bavarchi, Parramatta's premier Indian restaurant, where our passion for authentic Indian cuisine shines through in every dish. Our chef Mr. Bhavesh Trimbadiya has 15 years of experience in Indian Kitchen within Australia, our menu takes you on a flavorful journey across diverse regions of India.

Experience the rich tapestry of Indian food in our friendly and welcoming atmosphere at Grand Bavarchi Fine Dining in Parramatta. Grand Bavarchi is committed to authenticity, ensuring a personal dining experience that captures the essence of India's famous delicacies.


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Grand Bavarchi Menu

At Grand Bavarchi, we are passionate about bringing you the authentic flavours of Indian cuisine.We offer a wide variety of dishes that can fulfil all your cravings.

We are confident that you will find something to love on our menu, no matter your dietary preferences. Come explore the rich and flavorful world of Indian cuisine with us!

Harold Brown
Master Chef

Host your Events with Grand Bavarchi

Whether it's a birthday, baby shower, wedding, engagement, corporate event, small cocktail party or any private function, we cater to all occasions. Our team ensures your requests are met, creating memorable and enjoyable events. 

We can tailor a personalised menu for your event to suit your budget. Our restaurant has a seating capacity for up to 120 guests and can be arranged, as needed, to suit the requirements for your function.

We look forward to hosting an amazing personalised event for you and your guests.

Harold Brown
Master Chef

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An Indian restaurant in the heart of Parramatta that can satisfy your cravings for authentic Indian food.


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