Introducing Grand Bavarchi

Welcome to Grand Bavarchi, Parramatta's premier Indian restaurant, where our passion for authentic Indian cuisine shines through in every dish. Our chef Mr. Bhavesh Trimbadiya has 15 years of experience in Indian Kitchen within Australia, our menu takes you on a flavorful journey across diverse regions of India.

Experience the rich tapestry of Indian food in our friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Grand Bavarchi is committed to authenticity, ensuring a personal dining experience that captures the essence of India's famous delicacies.


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Our Vision

At Grand Bavarchi, our vision is to bring a touch of India to the heart of Parramatta. We're not just another local Indian restaurant; we're here to share authentic flavours and friendly hospitality. Imagine a dining experience where the spices tell a story, the flavours come alive, and every dish is a work of art.

Grand Bavarchi is a journey through the vibrant landscapes of Indian cuisine, a place where the spirit of culinary artistry meets a commitment to excellence.

Join us as we create a welcoming space, setting a new standard for genuine and delicious Indian food right here in the heart of Parramatta.